Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some Lines

I have been having very eclectic experiences, and I felt that these two..."quotes"... could kind of reflect what I have been thinking about recently.

"I lay my head onto the sand
The sky resembles a back-lit canopy with holes punched in it
I'm counting UFO's, I signal them with my lighter
And in this moment I am happy"

I Wish You Were Here by Incubus

"How we do like living
In half-measures
Insisting on bisecting
All our pleasures
We drink half-cream milk
Eat half-fat meals
Buy half-price deals
Wear half-silk
We avoid dead-locks
Via half-way routes
Make our resolutions
With half-truths
We embark on endless
Half-hearted enterprises
Accept numerous
Half-measure compromises
We suffer half-wits
Merely for laughs
Pay for indulgences
Half and half
If you insist too
On half-measured love
Then I in lieu
Of all of the above
Will make this half-baked
Existence complete
By placing half my heart
At your half-leather clad feet"

Half-Measures from Rumana Siddique's Five Faces of Eve

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