Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Al Jazeera on International Intervention in Libya

An Op-Ed piece by Al Jazeera evaluating the merits and de-merits of intervention in Libya. Has some interesting takes on the international law implications of intervention in the country and the question of establishing a no-fly zone. It also provides its own set of recommendations for an international response. However, I am not as convinced of the practicality of their argument concerning evacuation corridors for African migrant workers to Europe.
"In the end, we argue for humility in imagining the role we might play in the course of Libyans' struggle. The international community is neither entitled to take the reins today nor dictate the post-regime scenario tomorrow. Further, those of us who wish to stand in solidarity with Libyans from outside of their country must recognise that we may not be best placed to identify which local actors enjoy broad-based support... Imaginative strategies to offer much-needed relief and refuge to Libya’s vulnerable population represent a challenge the international community has yet to meet. That is a good starting point for transnational solidarity."

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