Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Talking to myself about the Bar

Today I received acceptance letters from two BPTC courses: College of Law Birmingham and UWE-Bristol. Today was also the day that I first watched the TV show, Barristers and after watching the first hour-long episode I am no longer sure whether my euphoria about the acceptance is appropriate. I enjoy studying law and I love the rush of adrenaline I get when I am speaking to an audience but I am not intensely competitive. I like a bit of competition but I am not aggressive. But most of all, I hate doing applications. I know everyone dislikes doing them and finds them to be a pain but I find myself physically incapable of doing them most of the time.Beyond the astronomic academic requirements, it is this aspect of my personality that troubles me the most.

Without any major hiccups and with blessings from above, I will be able to do reasonably well in my degree and BPTC. However, the real rat race starts when seeking pupillages with Chambers. I've already experienced this a bit, just by applying for a few mini-pupillages, and I am dreading what is ahead. As an international student, I might have difficulty hanging around the country even if I secure a pupillage much less if I am unsuccessful and try to scrounge around for one. (See my post about the immigration quota below). For me to have any chance of practising in the UK for a couple of years, I will really have to do something remarkable.


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